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Mars Dental Implant
Full casting crown

Welcome to Mars Dental Lab Inc. Mars has been providing unique money-saving dental outsourcing solutions to the dental communities oversea since 2007. Our dental restorations are proven to be aesthetically and mechanically superior while staying parameters prescribed by our clients and very economical to enhance their dental business.

Mars Dental Lab is a ISO Certificated Dantal Lab. We have CDT techinicians on site to quality control our dental restorations and our headquarter is based in New Jersey USA. We specialized in doing the outsourceing business with oversea dental labs in USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, UK etc.

We strive to help lab partners to explore their local markets, saving energy and cost without sacrificing the quality. Check out our products and see how we can save your dental practice money without any loss of Quality. In fact, most materials and equipment is the same like in the western countries because in the world are just a few dental materials suppliers.

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