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Our Company in HK
Room 1706-7 Workingfield Commercial Building 408-412 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Our Factory in China:
Floor 3,No 3, Pingxi Road 5
Nanping Science and Technology
lndustrial Park.
Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China.


Frequently Asked Question on China Dental Lab Outsourcing

Mars Dental Lab, Your Best Dental Lab Outsourcing Partner in China
Frequently Asked Question on China Dental Lab Outsourcing

1 – What is the general turnaround time?
Our general turnaround time is 7 to 10 days from the date client send cases out to receice cases back. Once dental cases arrive in Mars Dental Lab,they are checked to make sure everything is in order. When more information is required,Mars Dental lab technical support team member will contact clients via email,phonecall,skype or any other instant communication tools.

2 – Do you provide Free Samples?
Yes! We encourage clients oversea to send impression and bit block for us to fabricate free samples for their evaluation of our services.  Contact us for details..

3 – What services do you provide?
Mars Dental Lab provides a full range of dental products specialized in crown and bridge,metal frameworks,full and partial dentures,implants,in-cream,e.max crown,AGC foil ceramic,all-ceramic,zirconia,precision attachments and a variety of orthodontic appliance.

4 – How are costs calculated?
There are basically three parts to determining the cost for each case:
Fabrication – determined by our rate schedule.  Contact us for a Price List.
Material -We provide standard fabrication price and Gold Alloy will be extra charge by weight. Special work should be quoted on request,or we suggest client to send us the special dental materail for fabrication such as attachments.
Shipping – We will provide the return shipment if the invoice amount is over $500/each parcel.

5 – When shall client pay for the Dental Cases?
Normally we will send client an itemized list of charges with a “Request for payment” invoice via email. Clients shall pay for the bill within 15 days against the bill. If other payment terms is requested,please contact us.  We shall offer discounts to clients who deposit downpayment in Mars Dental Lab.

6 – What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept the following types of payments:
Credit card
Direct Deposit
Purchase Order with approved credit

7 – Is a minimum volume of order needed?
No,we don’t have minimum order volume.

8 – How do you handle remakes and repair cases?
This rarely happens but when it does,remakes are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you would like us to remake a product,please send the original case with a new impression and an explanation of the specific problem. We will remake the case at no charge regardless of fault

9 – What is your policy on confidentiality?
Mars Denetal lab International Inc. has a strict confidentiality policy to safeguard our customers privacy. We will never divulge your name or information to any third party for any reason.

10 – Are your dental materials FDA approved?
Yes,all the dental materials we used are FDA approved. They are all from Global supplieres. Leading brands offered by Mars Dental Lab gurantee quality and savings for the dental labs oversea and their dentists and patients. They include,but are not limited to the following:
Ceramco ®3
IPS Emress
Bellegass HP
IPS e.max®
Portrait® IPN®
Vitallium 200Plus®
Cristobal® +
ViTA® Physiodens
Cerec in Lab®

11 – How shall client send and whats the shipment address?
STEP 1 – Complete Rx-form

STEP 2 – Prepare your Case
Include impression,models,bite registration,
and RX Form into an individual bag and secure with a rubber band.

Place the case materials into a box. For better protection,place foam with bagged case.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            STEP 4: CALL Fedex/Ups/DHL
Use Our FEDEX import account send parcels to us and get the 50% discount offer by Fedex HK,Please contact us for details.


Company Name:
MDDS International Limited
Contact Person: Mr. Tiger Liu / Ms. Debby Wu
Tele: +852 25593193     Fax:  +852 3011 3286

13–Why need to provide Tracking # to your Lab after client sents cases to your address?
This is for us to better keep track of your cases and to guarantee our clients cases will arrive in our Lab without delay for the fabrication.

14 – Why should dental Labs oversea should choose Mars Dental Lab?
Mars Dental Lab can offer clients not only the best quality lab work,but the best customer service also and the most important aspect of Mars Dental Lab is our excellent quality workmanship and materials used. When you deal with Mars,you are not only a dental lab,but we consider you a partner of the Mars Dental Lab because we know that the work fabricated by us is reflection on your lab’s reputation. You shall be more than satisfied with our excellent service and quality.

15 – How can Mars Dental Lab cut the cost so low while maintaining high quality?
There are basically 4 parts in the production cost to make a high-quality product:

Labor – our technicians are as proficient as the European or American technicians but cost much less. That does not mean we are underpaying them or lowering their living standards in any sense. Instead,it’s because everything is just cheaper in China.

Materials and machinery - we use exactly the same materials and machinery as European local labs.

Operational costs - the operational costs from natural resources such as electricity and water to real estate rent are much cheaper.

Shipment - this depends largely on volume; basically the more cases are included in one package,the less the cost per unit is. We have worked out ways to reduce this,too. Please consult us for how-tos.Therefore,we make the same products using the same materials in the same production procedures by the same technically mature 
technicians but the cost is much lower.
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