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Our Company in HK
Room 1706-7 Workingfield Commercial Building 408-412 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Our Factory in China:
Floor 3,No 3, Pingxi Road 5
Nanping Science and Technology
lndustrial Park.
Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China.

Dental Materials
Precious & Non Precious Porcelain fused to metal
Non Precious NEODONTICS Ni61%;Cr25% NEODONTICS (USA) CE0646
Non Precious NEODONTICS Co62%;Cr29% NEODONTICS (USA) CE0646
Non Precious Cobaltchromium Co59.5%;Cr31.5%;Mo5.0% AURIUM(USA) CE0123
Precious ARGEDENT90 Au89.5%;Pt5.8%;Pd1.6% ARGEN(USA) CE0086
Precious ARGEDENT74 Au74.0%;Pt4.0%;Pd7.6% ARGEN(USA) CE0086
Precious ARGEDENT52 Au52.5%;Pd26.9% ARGEN(USA) CE0086
Precious ARGENCO52 Au51.6%;Pd4.6%, ARGEN(USA) CE0086
Semi Precious ARGELITE61+3 Au3%;Pd61% ARGEN(USA) CE0086
Partial Frame
Vera PDS Co63.5%;Cr27%;Mo5.5% AalbaDent(USA) CE0510
Temporary Crown Re-Fine Bright Yamhachi(Japan) CE0120
Resin Teeth Cosmo HXL Teeth Dentsply(USA) CE0088
ALL-Ceramic Restorations
Cercon Zirconia e.max Ivoclar(Liechtenstein) CE0123
IPS e.max e.max Ivoclar(Liechtenstein) CE0123
Ceramic Powder
Ivoclar e.max Ceram Ivoclar(Liechtenstein) CE0123
Lock VKS-OC Bredent(Germany) CE0483
Locks VKS-SG Bredent(Germany) CE0483
Lock VKS SOFT3 Bredent(Germany) CE0483
Solidex Shofu Japan CE0044


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